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Juvenate Healing in Tempe offers acupuncture, laser therapy and tui na (massage) to support pain relief.

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Juvenate Healing in Tempe offers multiple techniques for pain relief. These techniques are all non-invasive and do not involve pharmaceuticals. Research studies have demonstrated acupuncture and laser therapy can provide pain relief.

Juvenate Healing is here to help. We tailor our treatment approach to your specific needs and create a custom program. We are proud to use lasers that are cleared by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

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Laser therapy healed when I threw out my back

I threw out my back and experienced sudden, excruciating pain across my entire lower back. It was very painful to stand up and to move my feet and I couldn’t lean or bend over at all. When this has happened to me in the past, I just wait through a very painful week, staying in bed and hoping the pain goes away. This time, I tried the FX635 laser. I went for 6 treatments in 3 days. After just the second day, I experienced a dramatic reduction in pain. I was able to walk slowly and much of my mobility was back. I am amazed the laser was so effective at eliminating my pain. It was so easy. I just let the laser do its work.

Wei H.