Your skin is your largest organ. Keep it healthy and radiant with natural treatments that stimulate your cells!

Our methods address superficial signs of aging as well as your skin’s underlying health. These treatments improve and remove facial wrinkles and rejuvenate the face, creating a radiant, glowing, and younger appearance without chemicals, surgeries, or injections.

Treatment benefits can include collagen stimulation, a brightened skin tone, reduced jaw tension, and reduced anxiety and tension.

At Juvenate Healing, we offer a range of techniques so we can tailor to your specific needs. These techniques all address you holistically, working both inside and out for visible results. Speak with your practitioner about which of these techniques are best for you.

  • Facial acupuncture
  • Facials
  • Laser therapy
  • Microneedling and nanoneedling
  • Cupping
  • Gua Sha

When will I see improvement?
Each person is unique and will respond to the treatments differently. One study found that the majority of people saw improvements after just five sessions of facial acupuncture. The best results come with consistent treatment. We recommend 10 treatments once or twice a week for optimal results. In maintenance mode, we recommend a treatment every four to six weeks.

How does acupuncture help the skin?
There are four main ways acupuncture can help the skin.
(1) Increased blood circulation improves skin oxygenation, facilitating metabolic processes and removing waste products. These actions promote improvements in skin quality, color and texture.
(2) Promotion of collagen and elastin fiber production helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by cushioning skin cells, making skin softer and more flexible.
(3) Modulation of the endocrine system is highly relevant for women. Acupuncture can help counter the effects of declining estrogen levels, especially during and after menopause, which affect the quality and appearance of the skin. In younger women, acupuncture can help address hormonal imbalances that cause skin problems like acne, especially at certain points during the menstrual cycle.
(4) Relaxation effects and synthesis of neuropeptides, including endorphins, can enhance the appearance of the face and skin by improving sleep quality, reducing stress and improving mood.

Are there any side effects?
In some cases, minor bruising can occur where the needles are inserted. To minimize the likelihood, we use the thinnest needles available, which also provides the most comfortable treatment with virtually no pain. (These needles are even thinner than the ones used for general acupuncture.) We also recommend avoiding aspirin, vitamin E, blood thinners, and anti-inflammatory medications (e.g., Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aleve) for 5 days before each session. Drinking plenty of fluids before and after treatment is always beneficial.

What is microneedling and nanoneedling?
Microneedling and nanoneedling are medical and cosmetic procedures that use tiny needles to puncture the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production and cellular rejuvenation. Therapeutic substances, such as hyaluronic acid or ascorbic acid, can be applied before or after needling so the substance penetrates deeply.

What conditions can be treated by facial rejuvenation techniques?
Facial rejuvenation patients often seek help with puffy eyes or dark circles under the eyes, sagging of the neck/double chin, smile lines, crows feet, lines between the eyebrows, lines on the forehead, hyper-pigmentation, acne rosacea, acne and acne scarring, and post-surgical facial swelling.

What are some considerations for facial rejuvenation techniques?
Our techniques are all natural, meaning no scars, no rearranged tissue, and no potentially undesired side effects. However, the results may not be as dramatic after just the first treatment. This is why we recommend a consistent series of treatments to see the full benefits. In addition, these treatments aid balancing the body holistically, using the face as an entry point. Our facial rejuvenation techniques are best suited for individuals seeking to look their best, feel revitalized, and enjoy good health and a healthy sense of well-being.

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