Facial Acupuncture. Not Just For The Face

At Juvenate Healing, facial acupuncture is one of our most popular services. Even Gwyneth Paltrow raves about it!

Facial Acupuncture Addresses the Whole Body, Inside and Out

The term “facial” doesn’t do justice to the facial acupuncture service. Juvenate Healing offers a comprehensive treatment that addresses your whole body including your face. Unlike the facial you may get from your local spa, this facial acupuncture treatment works on the body’s internal systems in addition to improving the skin’s appearance. We do this by combining acupuncture, high-tech laser therapy and other Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques to restore your radiant and healthy skin.

Issues observed on the face are often linked to imbalances in the body. For example, puffy circles or darkness around eyes can indicate an adrenal issue. Bags under the eyes can indicate an issue with the spleen. Wrinkles, dullness or dryness can be due to a yin deficiency. Our facial acupuncture service takes a holistic approach to address internal and external issues.

Juvenate Healing’s facial acupuncture service is more than just “cosmetic acupuncture,” since we address the long-term vitality of your skin. Some people call it the natural Botox, but this doesn’t really capture what facial acupuncture achieves for you.

Acupuncture, Laser and Gua Sha or Cupping Restore Your Skin

Acupuncture on the face creates a micro-wound healing response, improving microcirculation and bringing more oxygen to your skin. This helps your body detoxify and can prevent facial puffiness.

Laser therapy amplifies the benefits for your skin. Your skin cells absorb the laser light and increase healthy cell production. The process also promotes healing by increasing production of collagen, enzymes and cell growth.

Gua Sha and Cupping supplement all of the benefits of acupuncture and laser therapy. They clear stagnation, increase circulation and relieve tension.

Our facial acupuncture service doesn’t put anything foreign into your body permanently and stimulates your body’s own resources to repair signs of aging. The result is more gradual, natural and sustained improvements to your skin.

Since our goal is long-term and sustained impact, a facial acupuncture approach does require a series of treatments to see the full effect. We recommend 10 sessions at a minimum.

Learn More About Restoring Your Skin

Check out the chart below to learn more about how Juvenate Healing’s facial acupuncture can address your skincare concerns. And, to learn more, we are just a text, call or email away!

ConcernHow Juvenate Healing’s facial acupuncture and laser helps
Crow’s feet– Encourages collagen and elastin production
– Creates firmer and more resilient skin around the eyes
– Improves microcirculation, helping with puffiness and
Frown lines– Relaxes the forehead muscles, which are causing the lines
on the skin
– Encourage microcirculation, which supports better
– Gua Sha can also help break down tissue under the skin
that is constricting free movement
Smile lines– Enhance firmness and volume of skin
– Support the loss of volume on the middle part of the face
(cheeks) which are exaggerating the smile lines
– Enhance bone nutrient support and increase skin thickness
Lip lines & volume– Restore fullness
– Improve the appearance of fine lines around the mouth
Acne– Improve skin detoxification skin process
– Improve immunity against bacteria and destroy bacteria accumulated on skin
– Influence sebum production
– Reduce inflammation
Scarring– Accelerate skin’s healing process
– Reduce density of fibrous tissue formed

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