Anxiety? Acupuncture Can Help

At Juvenate Healing, we understand these are stressful times and you may be experiencing more anxiety. Stress and anxiety don’t just make you feel tense, but can make your body physically tense too. Have you considered acupuncture for anxiety? Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques like acupuncture and tui na can help you relieve and manage stress.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views the body as a major healing force. Imbalances in the body disrupt the flow of blood and Qi and cause physical and mental symptoms. Correcting the body’s balance of qi normalizes the body’s functions including strengthening the immune system. As the body becomes stronger, it can return to balance.

Research shows that acupuncture stimulates the central nervous system and helps release natural bodily chemicals to alter biological processes, including the way you feel pain, anger, anxiety and stress. Acupuncture activates your natural opioid system, stimulates electromagnetic signals, stimulates the hypothalamus and pituitary gland and alters neurotransmitters that positively influence brain chemistry.

In fact, the Journal of Endocrinology shared results from animal studies at Georgetown University Medical Center. Rats who endured stress conditions and then received acupuncture had lowered blood hormone levels secreted by the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis. The HPA axis controls reactions to stress and regulates processes like the immune system, digestion, emotions, moods, and sexuality. The researchers also measured lower levels of NPY, a peptide secreted during a “fight or flight” response. The study’s author said, “We found that electronic acupuncture blocks the chronic, stress-induced elevations of the HPA axis hormones and the sympathetic NPY pathway… Our growing body of evidence points to acupuncture’s protective effect against the stress response.”

Tui na, which is similar to bodywork or massage, also helps to relax muscles and allow the proper flow of Qi through the body.

Treating anxiety and stress requires an initial treatment protocol of eight or more sessions. Once a significant improvement is reached, you can then move to a maintenance schedule. We look forward to seeing you at Juvenate Healing in Tempe and helping you strengthen your body to handle life’s challenges.

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